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Quality Work and Designs from a Leading Home Remodeling Denver Company

We are Your Design & Build Team

DreamWorx, a leading home remodeling Denver company, helps you stay within your budget for a home remodeling project. We understand everyone has different budgets, but may not know how much their needs will cost them before they consult with our expert team.

We offer ballpark estimates after the completion of a free consultation to give you more clarity on what projects might cost prior to making those decisions so it can be completed in accordance with expectations without any surprises!

Schedule an appointment with one of our experts for a free In-Home consultation.

It’s during this consultation that we want to learn more about you and your project. We can then advise the best course of action moving forward on your home remodeling project. Our expert will conduct a visual inspection of the project area, take measurements and if needed snap some pictures!.

home remodeling Denver Company Showcase Kitchen Remodel White Modern

Contact us today to learn more about the improvements we can make to your home!

When it comes to a home remodel, we know this is an investment you want to last for a lifetime.

As a leading home remodeling Denver company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team will help find your perfect fixture and ensure it’s installed correctly so that when all’s said and done – not only do you have more space but also peace of mind knowing how reliable these fixtures are!

With affordable prices on top-of-the-line products like quartz countertops or kitchen cabinets as well as high-quality service from start (design) to finish (cleanup), there really isn’t another option worth considering.






Construction and remodeling from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. We are a leading home remodeling company for the Denver area.

Kitchen Remodeling Experts

When you are looking for your dream kitchen that will last a lifetime, we will work with you to design and build the perfect solution.​

Denver Bathroom Remodel beautiful marble backsplash and counter tops

Your Dream Bathroom

With affordable prices for top-of-the-line products, your bathroom can be the sanctuary you will want to retreat to after a long day.

Kitchen Remodeling Company Denver showing work progress

Small Projects to Full Remodel

Whatever your project is we can work with you to design and build your space within your budget. We can provide a ballpark estimate.

Schedule a consult today! Let's plan for your perfect space.