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Our Clients Mean the World to Us

Nathan and Oleg were fantastic to partner with on our project. They completed everything on time and within the confines of our budget. Now we are saving up for them to come back and do the work on our Master Bath! They are highly recommended.

Andre B.
Bathroom Remodel



DreamWorx Home Improvement and their team did a great job on one of my properties. The rehab on my bathroom may I say the finished product was amazing! Speechless to say in the quality of workmanship. I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend this company to any family and friends for any future projects in their home.

Michael E.
Bathroom Remodel



Nathan and his team did an awesome job during our remodel! My wife and I were shopping around for months before we chose a contractor. During the process, Nathan made sure to call every day with a progress update. We are extremely happy with our Master Bath. I’ll be calling Nathan and his team when it’s time to start on my basement. Thanks again!

William B.
Master Bath Remodel



Had our basement redone and everything was done to or surpassing expectations and within budget and on time! Highly recommended!

Zach L.
Basement Remodel


After the first meeting with Nathan and Oleg, Nathan provided two itemized quotes, which is hugely important to me (especially as a person who deals with purchase orders and invoices and some project management in her work), but frustratingly so many service providers are not quick to do. This wasn’t a project we were anticipating or particularly excited to take on, and Nathan was very patient with me and my initial difficulty accepting the inevitable scope and expense. Communication was excellent while we nailed down project details and Nathan helped me understand various material options and design choices. I agonized over some design elements and which tile to choose, and Nathan and Oleg both were helpful in pointing out pros and cons as well as effects on cost. Nathan met with me at a granite/quartz supplier and at a couple tile stores, and I did some tile-hunting of my own. I was ridiculously indecisive about tile selection, but he remained super patient! On our start date, things got off smoothly with a glass company removing those components for reinstallation in the new design and with Oleg overseeing demo. They were *extremely* careful about protecting surfaces in our home and took all possible measures to contain dust, which was remarkably effective. Thankfully demo revealed no extensive damage or mold, so things proceeded with fixing the framing of the bench (which was not well-designed originally), pouring the new floor, and redoing the walls. My anxiety kicked into high gear again when it came to tile placement on the walls and pattern flow, but Oleg once again showed calm confidence and was incredibly, mind-blowingly thoughtful about his tile work. He beautifully matched patterns and continued tiles around corners.

I should also note that our house is almost 100 years old, and this bathroom was converted from an old porch addition some years ago (the porch having been built in maybe the 1950s or before?), and it has a *A LOT* of quirks including structurally sound but not-remotely-level surfaces.

No matter: Oleg precisely measured, trimmed, and fit each individual piece of material to perfectly fit the space, to improve the lines of the room, to look beautiful as a whole, AND to ensure the previous glass panel and glass door would perfectly fit back in. I’m very particular and didn’t want to be forced to take on this project only to later be frustrated by minor details that I would constantly spot and be annoyed by, and I swear Oleg’s handiwork and honest opinions about the design not only consistently impressed me but also saved my sanity. And he showed up right on time Every. Single. Day.

Nathan was very frequently on-site to oversee things and assist with work, to discuss progress with me, and to answer any questions, and he was always remarkably prompt to reply to calls, texts, and emails.

As we reached the finishing stages I was not super happy with a few details of the drywall and paint, and Nathan was immediately on top of it and made sure it would be done to the highest standard, calling me right back after I texted him with a concern early one morning and offering to stop by (on a day he was not scheduled to do any work at our house, regarding a cosmetic issue for which pictures totally sufficed).

Nathan and Oleg both came to personally give the final product a once-over and do any tiny touch-ups they spotted. They encouraged us to contact them with even the slightest concern and we are now on the other side of a big project— one that was begun reluctantly on our part, but has ended with a beautiful, much more stylish shower, significantly upgrading our master bath, and with confidence in DreamWorx, which we will unreservedly recommend to friends, family, and neighbors.

Whitney R.
Bathroom Remodel for $10k-20k